Grantmaking Parameters:

Who We Fund: The Foundation accepts grant proposals from tax-exempt organizations that are classified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and that enhance the quality and accessibility of the arts in the greater Kansas City community.

Where We Fund: The Foundation focuses its philanthropic activities on the performing and visual arts with the majority of grants being awarded to organizations in Kansas City. Minimal funding is provided to qualifying organizations that fall outside of the greater Kansas City area, and any such grants are predominately “legacy grants.” New granting and funding priorities are focused in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

What We Fund: Funding is provided for general operations, program support, specific productions, fundraising events and capital campaigns. The Foundation does not provide funding for religious activities, deficit funding or grants to individuals.

How to Apply:

Please create an account here.  You will then find the link to create a new application.


What to Include in a Grant Proposal:

Grant proposals are not subject to specific deadlines, unless directly notified. The following information is necessary for a proposal to be considered complete and accepted for committee review:

1.  A description of your organization including your mission and a brief summary of your organization’s history, goals, key achievements and on-going programs.

2. Please specify a dollar amount requested from the Foundation and provide a description of your funding request that includes the objectives and detail regarding how the funds will be used.

3.  If seeking general operating support, include organizational budget for the fiscal year(s) for which funding is requested. If seeking program or capital support, include related program or capital budget specific to the request.

4.  A copy of the most recent independent audited financial statements and annual report. If audited financial statements are not obtained by your organization, you may substitute your organization’s most recent IRS Form 990. If more than 3 months have passed since the end of the period covered in these statements, please also include a copy of the organization’s most current internal financial statements, if available.

5.  A detail list of your organization’s current major funders, including amounts, for your most recent year-end. In addition, please provide a list of contributors and/or other sources of support being approached to fund this specific proposal, including amounts anticipated and/or already secured.

6.  A current list of board members, officers and staff roster.

7.  Copy of your section 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Determination letter to verify tax-exempt status.

Timeline of Review Process: Grant proposals are reviewed on a monthly basis. We try to honor each proposal by responding promptly to all requests. Generally, grantees will be informed of the Foundation’s funding decision within sixty days from the date the proposal was received. However, please keep in mind that the time-frame and route a grant proposal takes through the Foundation is affected by the size of the investment and how closely it aligns with the Foundation’s mission.

Have a question? Please contact with any questions.